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Welcome to my home page, let's begin by introducing the family. I am married to Vivienne and we have a boy called Harvey. Harvey brings a new dimension to our lives, he is a real blessing to us.

Here are a couple of pictures, one of me and Wor Lass Vivienne and the other showing Harvey and Vivienne.
Vivienne and Mike Harvey and Vivienne

We live in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and I am interested in Italian Cars, Fell running and the occasional mountain biking.

Harvey has his own photos on a separate page.


  • Italian Cars
  • Fell Running
  • Mountain Bikes
  • Buying your classic car
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  • Italian Cars

    Italian Cars, you either love them or loath them. Personally I find them entertaining and never fail to amuse even on a otherwise mundane journey.

    I currently own a couple of Lancias to run around in. Lancia have always been mechanically inventive and pioneered many of the devices seen on modern cars. If you are considering or already own a Lancia there is plenty of help available on the net. Take a look at my links section to find other Lancia sites. If you would like to join your local Lancia motor club then check out the Official Lancia Site where all the clubs are listed.

    I would like to own a Ferrari Daytona as I think they are one of the most evocative cars ever made. I realise this is unlikely to happen so instead I run a Lancia Montecarlo which is occasionally mistaken for a Ferrari!

    Fell Running

    I have not been able to find any pages on fell running so I will ramble on for a bit.

    Fell running is a sport based on running up and down mountains. I do not know where the sport originated, in England there are a lot of mountains (fells) hence the name! Fell running can be either over a known course, or there can be an element of finding your own way from map and compass. The navigation is not as technical as orienteering, but the potential to get lost is great. There are many races every year, most of which are listed in the Fell Runner's Association calendar. If you want further details of this sport, I can try and help, just drop me an email.

    I prefer mountain marathons which combine fell running with aspects of orienteering. These events are usually more than a marathon in distance and are run over a two day period. You need to run with all your equipment for the event and navigate through the controls. The most famous of these events is the Karrimor International Mountain Marathon (KIMM), but there are others to keep you going like the Lowe Alpine Mountain Marathon (LAMM), or the Mammut International Mountain Marathon in Switzerland. Below are a few pictures to give you idea what it's all about!
    Lowe Ireland MM Swiss KIMM Swiss KIMM - Me!
    Lowe Ireland
    Swiss KIMM
    Swiss KIMM

    Mountain Bikes

    I am a recent convert to the mountain bike scene, normally preferring to get out on my road bike. In Northumberland we have quite a few nice places to get out on the bike. Occasionally I take some photos which may be available if you are interested.

    Buying your classic car

    Over a few years of buying mostly Italian cars, I have prepared some notes on what should be checked for. These are not intended to be comprehensive, but should give you some indication as to what to look for. Obviously I cannot accept any liability for anything I may have missed off, or mis-understood:

    Links to other pages

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