Here are a few photos in reverse chronological order:

December 2006

October 2006

September 2006

August 2006

July 2006

June 2006

April 2006

January 2006

August 2005

Home Life

Harvey's Big Adventure

The Boss?

Play Time

One Today :-)

Eleven months...

Ten Months Old!

Christening weekend

Summer Holiday


Growing up quickly

All Blacks

Holiday photos

Growing up fast

Not long before he crawls!

Holiday Photos

Meet Huggy Bear

Play time is fun..

Dressed up to go shopping ... Tired later!

Really big - Past 1 stone!

Very good weekend

Singing HAPpy Harvey

Birthday Surprise

Meet his friend Jimdo


Team Photos

Best behaviour today...

Good job Dad got me a San Francisco T-shirt!

Happy Chap - Keen to sleep or play anywhere...

Harvey has got a new electric swing - not certain?

Parental Input??

Sleeping Babes

He Doesn't Always Sleep!

Getting Big Now

11 Days Old

New Year

Best Christmas Present

36 hours old with proud parents

12 hours old

1 hour old

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